Welcome 2024 Convention

2023 Convention, Akron, OH
Sparkling smile and outfit.
Governor Sandra "Loves Presents"
Sarah and our photographer
Charleston Sparkling Smiles
Incoming DAC
2024 2025 District Officers

Workshop 2024
Rea Hope House Project Donations
Market Table President Cindy Forman of Akron
2023 Workshop Past Governors
2023 Workshop Charleston and Greater Kanawha Valley
2023 PI Conference Bellevue, WA
2023 PI Conference Bellevue, WA
Social Event Co-Chairs MaryAnn Mendlik and Alison Harsh
Winner Winner!!
Installation Banquet 2023 Sparkle with Pilot Jackson County
Jackson County - Winner of Best Hat, Stephanie Batton
Akron Club
Past PI Presidents and District Governors
The Race is on!
And the Race was on!
Charleston Club
Governor Pat and ECR Holly Baker, PI President Elect
Installing Officer, Past Governor Greta Tyler
Talented Gene Merola and Governor Pat

Workshop 2022 St Albans, WV
Pilot Club of Charleston
Della Kline and Carol Eiselstein
Lunch enjoyed by all
Stephanie Batton, Jackson County

2021-2022 Convention, Hungtington, WV

Dais - getting down to business
2022-2023 DAC
ECR Bev, Pat, Jan
Jan, Pat, Cindy, Marie All Smiles
Jan, Pat, Cindy, Marie
Alan, Pat, Frank and Joanne
Robyn and Shannon
Ginny Lee - 63 yr Member
250 Clubs and Members
Club Anniversaries
Charleston Club
Akron Club
KY-OH-WV District at 2021 PI Convention
KY-OH-WV District at 2021 PI Convention
KYOHWV District Members - Atlanta, GA 2021 PI Convention
Joanne and Co-Pilot Frank Mason District Member
KYOHWV District Gov Elect Pat Gwyn & Former Governor Rhonda Stemmer
2021 Dayton Workshop
DAC Fall Workshop 2021 (Dayton, OH)
Kayla and Rhonda Happy to be at Fall Workshop 2021
Silent Auction Fall Workshop 2021
In memory of Martha Seagrave, Past PIF Rep still supporting Pilot Club of Dayton at Silent Auction - Fall Workshop 2021