Pilot International is a community-based volunteer service organization founded in 1921 in Macon, Georgia.

  • Pilots can be found across the United States,in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Canada, Japan, Singapore and South Africa.
  • District 10 of Pilot Club International (PI) was organized in 1939.
  • In 1977, PI made the change from numbers to state names for Districts. District 10 became the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia (KY-OH-WV) District.

Leadership from our District has been well represented through the years having five members serve as Pilot International Presidents:

  • Winifred Newman, Pilot Club of Charleston, West Virginia – 1954-55
  • Marjorie Ater, Pilot Club of Columbus – 1980-81
  • Phyllis Mayne, Pilot Club of Dayton – 1985-86
  • Sue Trautwein, Pilot Club of Owensboro (Kentucky) – 1990-91
  • Sharon Slusher, Pilot Club of Springfield (Ohio) – 2001-02
 12 Pilot Clubs that comprise the KY-OH-WV are active in diverse projects, tailoring their service activities to suit the needs of their communities.  Clubs also support Pilot International’s signature projects that may be of special interest to their communities.
     Pilot international Projects:
  • Project LifeSaver –protect and locate individuals with cognitive conditions
  • Helmet People– Helmets on as many heads of youths as possible
  • “BrainMinder Buddies” – teaches young children about injury prevention
     Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness and Prevention Education
  • Supporting Those Who Care for Others
  • Pick Me Ups –Kind Acts for Those Who Care
  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Camps
  • International Care & Kindness Week

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Our organization is always looking to grow our membership to help meet local community needs. If you are a current KY-OH-WV resident or are moving to the KY-OH-WV District and would like to enrich your life with important community service, consider visiting a local Pilot Club. Our rich tradition of friendship and service is waiting to be shared.

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District members at International Conference 2021